About Us

At Definitive Strategic Consulting, We provide not only unequalled technical services, but we strive to become a trusted advisor to our clients, a role that allows us to fully understand and help them achieve their business and security objectives. We go well beyond off-the-shelf code scanning tools to conduct in-depth analysis of information systems, software architecture, and source code by using the leading information risk management security frameworks and carefully focused threat models.

Your most determined opponents do not rely on off-the-shelf security tools to circumvent your enterprise security strategy. They solicit and hire the smartest code and hardware breakers—people who use sophisticated methods that are unmediated by today’s security market space to quietly undermine your organization’s reputation and ability to securely conduct business. Definitive Strategic Consulting ‘s combined experience enables our clients to stay ahead of tomorrow’s threats.

Boasting a well-rounded and diverse clientele, Definitive Strategic Consulting works with industries most vulnerable to hacking attacks. These include telecommunication, financial services, and retail industries and governmental and law enforcement organizations.

Led by a young but experienced team of experts, we thrive to be the leaders in IT solutions.

Although we are headquartered in India, we have offices in the US. We are currently serving the following market regions:

  • Middle East
  • North Africa
  • South Asia
  • East Asia
  • Eastern Europe
  • Northern Europe

As a premier organization we are always on lookout for exceptional talent to join our organization. Please look at the jobs available in the Careers section or apply directly to us at humanresource@definitivestrategy.in.