Definitive Strategic Consulting is a global consulting firm for the telecommunications industry. Our clients include the leading global telecom service companies and communications equipment suppliers.

Companies that choose Definitive Strategic Consulting value our role as their trusted adviser. We’ve helped telecommunications companies address the many changes occurring in the industry. Our projects have focused on results-oriented strategies in the following areas:

  • Customer retention and customer segmentation
  • Growth
  • Cost reduction
  • Innovation
  • Improving decision effectiveness
  • Complexity reduction
  • Network Security
  • Supply chain management

Definitive Strategic Consulting helps leading telecommunications companies make strategic decisions about where to play in the future ecosystem, how to benefit from new content delivery models such as over-the-top video and new opportunities to monetize broadband, and how to partner with media and technology players to increase revenue pools.

As boundaries between telecommunications, technology and media markets continue to fade, we bring the expertise of its technology practices to our telecommunications clients.

In addition, our Private Equity group has an extensive history in the telecommunications industry.

A. Data Analytics

Telecom operators have historically focused on managing the network with little visibility to the impact it has on the customer’s experience. The operator was forced to work with snapshots of network data in fragmented views or at a summary level in order to plan network capacity or provide information to customer care and marketing about customer transactions.

We assist the service provider get the measurements and metrics necessary to successfully manage their entire network end to end, optimize network spend and proactively address service issues and identify monetization opportunities. Benefits include:

  • Identifying and resolving network bottlenecks in minutes
  • Proactively managing customer experience and churn
  • Managing and planning for capacity requirements to maintain and improve the quality of service
  • Optimizing network investment to maximize impact for most lucrative customer segments
  • Location-based services

Campaigns at most telecom service providers are based on customer profile data with demographics information (age, income, gender, profession, etc.) combined with fairly simple rules such as sending the subscriber an offer to renew their contract prior to expiration at a favorable price. Service providers have a wealth of data about subscriber usage and location, however, do not often have tools to analyze it.

Our consulting services enables telecom service providers to analyze subscriber usage and digital behavior (channel interaction, social media) for opt-in subscribers and combine it with subscriber profile to identify and deliver targeted offers in real-time. Benefits include:

  • Driving real-time contextual, targeted marketing offers resulting in higher acceptance rates and revenue
  • Reducing churn
  • Increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction

Value added Services

Mobile payments and mobile fund transfers are undergoing radical transformation as a result of recent regulatory actions, changing consumer behavior, ramifications of today’s economic issues, eroding industry profitability, and emerging non-traditional competitors. Our team has deep knowledge and experience in every aspect of the industry, including consumer payments, commercial payments, debit cards, credit cards, prepaid cards, corporate purchasing and commercial cards, remittances, and cash management. Our extensive base of long-standing payments industry client relationships covers issuers, acquirers, networks, processors, value-added service providers and global payments brand companies.