Definitive Strategic Consulting cybersecurity consulting provides you with actionable plans that will reduce your enterprise risk and increase compliance.

  • Meeting the difficult challenges of today’s security environment demands expertise and experience. Enterprises across the globe are lowering their security risks and reducing their costs by trusting the expertise of Definitive Strategic Consulting.
  • Turning your vision into reality
  • Our consulting personnel’s knowledge, experience and business acumen will provide you with the subject matter expertise you need to reduce risk, enable efficiencies, and improve your organization. We can provide project management and staffing that is on site, remote, or through managed support. You can be assured that we are equipped to engage at any level that is right for your culture.

Definitive Strategic Consulting will help you:

  • Identify and understand your critical security risks.
  • Define your future state and develop a strategic road map.
  • Transition your enterprise in the most trusted, integrated and efficient manner possible.

We are:

  • Trusted—Our cybersecurity consultants have the industry knowledge, experience and credentials that other organizations simply cannot provide. Our consultants will become a strategic partner to help you craft a practical security strategy and achieve your desired end-state.
  • Integrated—We will identify your risks, assess your resources, and develop an integrated plan that successfully aligns people, processes and technology. Our consulting is industry agnostic and we deliver pragmatic solutions that are tailored to your specific needs.
  • Efficient—Our experienced consultants are focused on identifying and managing risk to protect your enterprise while creating increased value within your business. Our “hands on” security architects, technicians and analysts will find the most efficient and cost-effective ways to help you meet your security needs.

Road Map to Security Success

Definitive Strategic Consulting delivers proven solutions in these specific areas:

  • Planning and Discovery: Our security experts will review your security needs to discover or affirm your specific requirements. We will then determine which “entry point” of the advisory service is right for you.
  • Current Performance Analysis: We will conduct a resource, literature, and historic performance review, which can include generating a compliance obligation register, if needed. We will also assess the processes, technology and readiness maturity levels within your organization.
  • Interviews and Metrics: To gain a holistic perspective of your needs, interviews will be conducted with selected representatives throughout your organization, not just security-related personnel. Our consultants will establish scorecards of reference so alternative recommendations can be compared.
  • Projections and Recommendations: Our broad background and experience allow us to perform research on successful security efforts in your industry and for your systems. We will brainstorm techniques and applications that are best suited for you and conduct micro-tests or pilot appraisals where possible.
  • Reporting and Follow-On Planning: Our consultants will prepare a briefing that summarizes our conclusions and recommendations in advance to the final report. The report will include (1) a summary analysis of your security risks and circumstances, and (2) a comparison of the solution actions, recommendations, and a road map to help you achieve your desired end-state.

Key Benefits of Definitive Strategic Consulting

  • With thousands of security experts spread across the globe, we can tap into our vast resources to provide the expertise and solutions that will efficiently meet your needs.
  • We provide a truly actionable road map that includes realistic budget and time estimates.
  • We offer proven technical solutions in critical areas such as penetration testing and advanced threat detection.
  • Our seasoned project leads have 10 to 30 years of experience in the IT and information security industry.
  • Our consultants have the industry expertise to help you achieve security compliance (PCI, HIPAA, etc.).
  • As the single implementer of improvements, we give you one learning curve to absorb, one point of contact and one company.

Definitive Strategic Consulting cybersecurity consulting practice provides IT security consulting services and solutions to a number of government and security organizations and multinational corporations. The company offers a full range of cybersecurity services and enterprise IT security consulting and implementation on both a firm-fixed price and time and materials basis. These services include:

  • Cybersecurity policy and operational procedure development
  • Cybersecurity engineering and architecture design
  • Cybersecurity operations management
  • Network security testing and evaluation
  • Computer security incident response
  • Vulnerability analysis
  • Malicious code analysis
  • Security risk assessment
  • Security assessment and authorization (A&A) compliance

Definitive Strategic Consulting provides full scope Incident Response (IR) services, both on a retained service and emergency response, to commercial and government clients around the world. If you have an active cyber incident, our IR Emergency Hotline should be your first call, as we provide immediate help in the form of highly trained technical ‘GO’ teams to identify and remediate the problem, a full service incident management system for secure coordination, regulatory reporting (for all states and most countries), and stakeholder communications, as well as detailed forensics, advanced malware analysis, and interfaces to business, corporate and legal departments. Our retained IR service allows advance preparation and updating of your response plan, training, testing and rehearsals for team members (including advanced access to our secure out-of-band incident tracking system), advance technical coordination between your technical teams and our IR teams, and preplanning and positioning of response capabilities– all designed to lower your costs and shorten your time to optimum recovery.

We also specialize in setting up national Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERT). CERT is designed to provide customers with 24/7/365 access to trained professionals to assist them in responding to any kind of cyber-related incident, including cyber attacks, thefts, espionage, Advanced Persistent Threats (APT’s), data loss and data breaches, whether these are internal or external, and irrespective of the methodology or modality employed for the attack. IR services are intended to assist in creating or ensure that customers have developed and designed a robust incident response preparedness program.