Value Added Services

What is ‘value add’ and how does it add to the bottom line? To answer this question, let us first explain what ‘value add’ means. Something that is value added must meet three criteria:

  • The customer is willing to pay for it.
  • A process, object, or service has to be physically changed.
  • The process, object, or service is made/done right the first time.

In short, value added is anything that is does not impact the core business. What is interesting and perhaps surprising is that in many organizations, the majority of activities included in processes are non-value adding activities or as we call it waste. In fact, estimates peg only about five percent as truly value add, the rest are waste. And waste impacts both time and money.

In modern telecom and financial industry, Value added services define mobile banking, mobile payment, and use of smart phone applications that allows consumers to perform daily tasks with ease and convenience.

Our Consultants help telecom operators and service providers quickly launch additional services that are currently in demand and constitute the large part of their income. Our services are catered towards telecom operators, internet service providers, IPTV and VoIP operators and content providers, banks and financial institution. Our value-added services also includes solutions towards mobile encryption and security.

The benefits of using our services are:

  • Quick launch of VAS services – one of the fastest service development solutions.
  • Easy customization of existing services guarantees quick response to market demands.
  • Platform can support multiple services while facilitating support and administration processes which reduce operating expenses.
  • Scalability and flexible licensing options – services that can be launched with minimum requirements and then can be expanded in a linear mode which reduces capital expenses.
  • Minimization of financial risks with the launch of new services according to “pay-as-you-grow” model.

Some of our mobile solutions in value-added services include

  • Mobile Banking
  • Mobile payments
  • Traffic management
  • Mobile enterprise and CRM solutions
  • Mobile enterprise and CRM solutions
  • Email encryption
  • Voice and SMS encryption
  • Mobile VPN and proxy services