Data Analytics

Telecom service providers all over the globe are seeing an unprecedented rise in volume, variety and velocity of information due to next generation mobile network rollouts, increased use of smart phones and rise of social media. With a majority of subscribers using smart phones to access data services as well as voice, mobile network operators are seeing explosive growth in traffic levels across their networks. The mobile network operator environment is fiercely competitive, with the ability to attract, retain and grow valuable subscribers being key. Increasingly, the provision of high quality customer care is an important component in the marketing mix and in retaining subscribers.

Service providers who can tackle the big data challenge will differentiate from competitors, gain market share and increase revenue and profits with innovative new services.

Successfully harnessing big data can help service providers achieve three critical objectives for telecommunications transformation: Deliver smarter services that generate new sources of revenue; Transform operations to achieve business and service excellence; and Build smarter networks to drive consistent, high-quality customer experience.

Definitive Strategic Consulting can help you achieve your business objectives by applying big data solutions to key business use cases.

The modern day smart phone users present new opportunities and challenges. These consumers want the best deals for all purchases based on their real-time location while requiring the services provider to honor their privacy preferences and provide only relevant offers when requested/opted-in.

Definitive Strategic Consulting’s big data analytics portfolio enables service providers to analyze real-time location data over time for opt-in subscribers to understand subscribe lifestyle. Combining lifestyle and mobile profiles with subscriber usage and digital behavior allows service provider to create targeted offers for opt-in subscribers. This drives much higher response rates for marketing offers, resulting in higher revenue. Benefits include:

  • Driving real-time contextual targeted marketing offers resulting in higher acceptance rate and revenue, increased customer loyalty and satisfaction and reduced cost for developing campaigns.
  • Creating a foundation with location data to build out cross-industry solutions such as mobile banking and payments, traffic management, disaster/emergency response and vehicle telematics.
  • With big data technology, telecom service providers can analyze the location data generated by millions of mobile devices and use the resulting insights, along with offerings from business partners, to deliver customized services and offers that consumers want.